TikTok complaint: Being unfair and injustice with ppl like me

Complaint from Asiatica Chula reported on 28 October 2023 about TikTok

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My complaint:

Alright the problem that i have with tiktok its that everytime i be posting a comment or be postimg things on my tiktok tiktok always have a problem with things i be comment on ppl who makes me mad for how bad they are and when i posted last year a picture of me wearimg a jean but a little bit ripped but well dressed they closed my picture because i was supposedly violating the community guidelines and for them it was a problem amd its not pnly that this has happened to me a few days ago my mother has expressed what she felt towards a mean person who was bullying other ppl when she expressed with her they did the samething to her as well everything we do its bad and it always violate their community guidelines and we are ppl that dont he posting disgustimg disturbing things bit when other ppl be postimg disgisting things in tiktok and when women be posing vodeos and pics of them sepves litterally half nake without covering themselves and youn teens be showing their butts while they be twerking for tiktok its not a bad thing and its not violating thwir guidelines and this has been going long enough im tired already of all of this and its getting to the point that ill delete my tiktok account and ill show u the nasty disturbing things ppl be posting that tiktok however doesnt have no problem with…..

Suggested solution:

Idk be i hope that somebody puts tikt9k their place because thing way how they are being to unfair amd injustice with us it aint right and seriously im getting tired of it already.......

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