Complaint: Being Harassed by a TikTok User Repeatedly Reporting Videos

on 16 February 2021 about TikTok in category Social Media

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My complaint:

An individual has been reporting all of my videos as violating the TikTok Community Guidelines. This harassment has been going on for September 2020, and seems to have intensified in recent months. Although I submit an appeal and almost always win, my account has repeatedly been suspended for too many Community Guidelines violations (I assume this is due to a TikTok tech procedure).

I am an immigration attorney, and all of the information I post on TikTok is accurate, legal, and ethical. In fact, I work closely with an ethics attorney to ensure all my social media posts are ethically compliant.

However, I appear to be the target of an individual or individuals. In addition to continuously reporting my videos on TikTok, this individual calls and texts my office with lewd photos and messages. We do not know who this person is, but at this point we have blocked the phone calls and do not open the texts.

I know a few other immigration attorneys who are experiencing the same thing on TikTok and are receiving the same phone calls and text messages from the same phone number. As such, we believe this is systemic harassment, and is likely racially motivated, as we all work closely with the Latino community and speak Spanish in our videos.

The other attorneys I know are being targeted are @abogadaalexandra, @abogadaangel, @abogadaelizabethrosario, and @abogadameneses.

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Suggested solution:

I request that you identify the individual targeting me and ban himher from my page. I worry that this person will just open another TikTok account to come after me, even if banned, so I request you prevent this user from opening a new account.

I have spent months building up my TikTok account with informational videos, and I work hard to support the immigrant community. This individual’s actions against me on TikTok are seriously hurting my business, and, in conjunction with the lewd phone calls and text messages, cause me and my family real concern. I request that TikTok take this situation seriously and assist me as soon as possible. Thank you.

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alisha (@rooprai75gmail-com)
19 days ago

hello tiktok i want to make complaint against to one user in Cyprus he is using people videos to make them harassment kindly take the action against to this user another ways if it possible kindly provide his details so i can fix with police department his it @att_gastian i email u as well many time as well but i didnt get any replay and response and its clearly fake account no any option talk about not closed plz close this account as soon as possible hope i will get soon action againts to this user