Thrifty Car Rental complaint: Overcharged

Complaint from Paul Pankevich reported on 04 March 2024 about Thrifty Car Rental

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My complaint:

I received a car , it was not checked by anyone, just been handed a keys. Then , when I returned
I was shown a thinks , that I supposedly done.
I returned fbis car inn a same condition I got . I tried to explain, but it was nobody to talk to , they just charged me $295 , for the spot in the front window, that they knew it was there. Usually,,when you get the car it being checked along with an agent and a costumer.,why am I supposed to pay for the damage, that is not my responsibility, how do I know it was not there before. Why do I have to thrust them without a proof.

Suggested solution:

Return $295 for the damage I haven’t done.

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