Complaint: Rude and progressively worse customer service

on 24 March 2021 about Taco Bell in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

My order was specific:
4- Soft Taco Supreme
2 Nacho Supreme (viewed on website menu before leaving home to go to drive-through)
1 Crunchwrap Supreme
1 Baja Blast (medium)

What I received was:
4 Soft Taco Supreme
2 Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Supreme
1 Crunchwrap Supreme
1 Baja Blast (medium)

Gina C. was at the window.

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Suggested solution:

1) Make sure the items on the online menu are also available at the store,

2) If the item is not available at the store the order taker shouldn't arbitrarily replace it with another item but should tell the ordering customer that the item is not available,

3) The window attendant should be apologetic about the replacement and at least offer the ordering customer the opportunity to choose a replacement,

4) The window attendant should not present any attitude (which is what Gina C. did) and said, They replaced the nachos with the Dorito taco thing,

5) Get someone in the store location who understands customer service, complete and friendly service, and the importance of a satisfied customer,

6) Teach Gina C. to take every concern the customer has as if it were her own, or get rid of her. Her attitude was horrid (we get food there to eat, we don't go to the store to give her a job... she isn't entitled to anything other than giving good customer service and a paycheck for doing her job).

I have filed complaints about this store before, and nothing seems to be improving... missing items, wrong items, wrong charged amount, attitude as if this is their high school meeting place which just happens to serve mediocre food, along with a sophomoric and self-serving attitude toward the customer.

I will not visit this store again and am seriously considering not visiting any Taco Bell in the near, or distant, future.

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