Complaint: t2b admin deceived

on 10 February 2021 about T2bwallet-Converter in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

Name: kanakam

I was one of the customers of T2B Wallet Converter Online and one of the referrals of Mr. G V Ramana (formerly Admin56 Account Holder and now Admin344). We have paid the charges several times according to the T2b admin instructions, but they did not release our funds. This time, we complained to your authorities about the T2b administrator, so they came back to us and charged a few more fees to release our funds and then did not release our funds.

 While this was going on, unfortunately a lockdown was implemented in my country, due to an epidemic of Covid-19. After the Covid-19 relaxation, the T2B admin has sent us an email asking us to pay the $3300 charges, for creating a new contract account and account reactivation fee.

 The T2b administrator notifies us by email that, our funds will be released within (3) hours with their authorized signature after the ation of our payment and we have paid the above charges.

 After the completion of payment, the T2b admin has created a new contract account (admin 344) and restored our funds in the account. At the same time, we have withdrawn our funds, but not reflected in our wallet, as per their email assurance.

 Once again, the T2b admin and customer support team went offline, as usual like earlier and no one has responded to my emails and messages properly. We have waited up to two weeks for T2b admin reply, but in vain.

 We have concluded that, the T2b admin tricked us with their false guarantee via an email. In this regard, we have been struggling financially with our families for the past one and a half years.

Therefore, I request your esteemed authority to please intervene into our funds issue and take action against the T2b administrator. There is no any other alternative, so we are approaching your authorities to release our funds quickly from the custody of T2b admin. So, once again, I am requesting your authority to take appropriate action on T2B admin and help us get the funding we need. I pray that all our families will always and forever thank your authorities in this regard.


i) I am enclosing the screenshot of payment of $3300 charges for the creation of new contract account and account reactivation fee.

ii) Guaranteed email from T2b admin with their authorized signature.


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