Subway complaint: Rude Behavior

Complaint from Adnan Saleem reported on 24 March 2024 about Subway

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My complaint:

Entered in the branch on Friday March 23, 2024 at 3:45am and the only one staff member was there who was enjoying the song with high volume, no respect for Ramadan month. He was very slow and already preparing the order taking too much time and then came back to me. When he start my sandwich and put my sandwich in the oven. In the meantime, I move towards the freezer for cold drink and placed on the table then he speak very rudely said that dine in is not allowed. I returned back the drink and kept in the freezer and came back to him for the rest of the preparation of sandwich. Then he asked for the veg and when he finished the veg part and asked for the sauces I told him to put 5 sauces and again he was very rude that only 3 sauces allowed. I am the regular client of the subway but never heared this policy and eating the same sandwich since ling time. Anyhow I told him to put extra sauce and I will pay more but he again refused by rudely way. All these were happening in the presence of another customer. Finally, I refused and leave the sandwich after this continuously behaviour. I hope all these things recorded in the camera and by the way dine Inn should also be allowed till sahoor time as per the policy. I hope that management will take action on this. Thanks and regards!

Suggested solution:

Need managment to trained their staff about behavior first and dealing with the customer.

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