Subway complaint: No manager in store

Complaint from ShellyKay reported on 07 November 2023 about Subway

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My complaint:

I visit our Subway weekly. There is never a manager in the store. Most of the time there is one 16 year old young man and he is trying to wait on customers in the store and maintain on the app orders. He is very polite and will ask me if I can wait while he finishes a call in order because they are sitting at the drive thru already. There is never any bread except for white and it is old. I’m a very patient person but tonight I have had enough. I was walking into the store and a lady was coming out. She said “you will be fine if you only want flatbread”, she said this is the poorest run Subway. I went in and one of the two 16 year old boys told me all they have is flatbread. I asked why. They said they had some left over from yesterday but they sold out. I said “this is the dinner rush and nobody prepared by getting bread baked?” They informed me that it is baking and should be ready in 35 minutes. I have been a regular for years and the last time I saw an adult in the store was a 75 year old lady who was working there. She was new. I haven’t seen her since. Also there were about ten bags of chips in the whole store tonight. There is no supervisor or manager on site. These kids do not have a clue as to what to do. They try and are polite, bless their hearts. They have been set up to fail instead of succeed by an absent owner.

Suggested solution:

Have a manager in the store. Have plenty of bread, chips, cookies at all times especially during the lunch and dinner rushes.

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