Complaint: Lost my job after boss tried to fight me

on 13 April 2021 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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I started working for subway in January 2020 because my stepdad had an affair and left my mom so I tried to help her best I could. I walked at least an hour and a half between work and the house. Guy that worked there 6 months already at the time I started, Mark, had probation in Georgia and was promoted General Manager in late February or early March with a 1.00 raise which got him up to 14.00 from what he told me. Eventually I got a car, and then was asked by the store owner Michelle, who owned 2 other stores, to work at another store that was an hour drive because Mark didn’t get along with me since I spoke the truth that nobody wants to hear. One day as I’m driving back home car breaks down, so I kinda had to work with him again unless if I was okay with just getting paid for the gas that wasn’t spent to give me a ride to another store. The last day I was there, he jerked the hand washing sink since Chad the inspector told him it needed cleaned and broke a water pipe so we had to shut off the water. Even though didn’t have water the store stayed open for dine in which is wrong without bathroom access. I eventually mentioned how it’s funny when he chewed out another employee for the same thing he did, which made him furious to where he said I need to clock out and go home. So after I clocked out I stepped in the back to call the owner instead of making a big deal of it since we just served some police officers who were dining in. While on the phone, he steps in the back and yells why you have to act like such a bitch?! getting red as heck but wearing an eye patch didnt seem all that scary. But the fact the owner heard him say that and some other crap that was clear he was ready to fight, she insisted I stayed there…….um.nah bruhhhhhh. I didnt put in all the effort for a job and employers to shit on me, much less try to fight me. Afterwards the owner said if I would quit drinking alcohol (a 5th a week) and start going to church (even though the schedule wouldn’t allow it) that she’d help teach me to be humble and still work..I couldn’t believe that for someone that literally has trash in her car and house to the point that was just honestly gross and would pay another worker to clean it for her, much less didnt care enough for me when I didnt get to spend anytime with my family on Christmas because I close the store (before car broke down out in clyde) and was snowing to where I literally drove home going no more than 20 mph without heat. Nobody even seem to care how nasty the bread foam and pans were much less the cookie sheets. By the end of it I was just paid 10.50 an hr. After I quit Mark became GM of couple other stores and I never heard anything about my job.

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Idk, and i dont care because Michelle Crossback and Mark ruined the image of subway for me. just want something that's right and fair to happen before someone else questions if they're just a bad person and think about things that shouldn't be considered like suicide. That's why after a few months unemployed without a car going off what I had saved up I rant on here. Not like corporate, CEO, or inspector Chad will see it. Even if they did I'm sure nothing will change. Except your view of another complaint perhaps thinking that it's not so bad. God bless

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