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On 4-23-2021 at approximately 6:40pm we pulled into Subway for a sandwich for my wife. The person on the intercom was a male and he asked us to hold on. We waited approximately 10 minutes and I said hello into the intercom, no one responded, I said hello again, no one responded. I told my wife it would probably be faster if we go into the lobby and order so we drove around to the parking lot. We walked to the door it was locked and there was a sign posted that said the lobby was closed. I looked in the window and observed a young tall male employee and a heavy older female employee standing behind the counter. The only other customer was the person that was behind our vehicle waiting at the intercom. So we went back to the intercom, the white car had left. I said are you open? no reply, I repeated are you open? no reply. I then blew my horn, a female voice came over the intercom and said it a rude tone, that is very rude I said what is rude? she said in a sarcastic tone blowing your horn, I said no one is answering the intercom. I then asked to speak to the manager and in a rude tone she said I am the manager and I can refuse service to you and if you don’t leave im going to call the police. I said call the police for what, I want your name or a number to speak to your boss. She refused to provide the information to me, we then went to Taco Bell for outstanding customer service. I live in El Paso and I am a retired State employee, I am in Deming on a family emergency and I was out picking up food for my family. For your company to have an employee who claims to be the manager with literally no customer service skills, I will never spend my money their again.

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I would like someone to explain to me how we were treated like that at a nation wide chain?

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