Complaint: Employees refused to put on mask and then became violent

on 02 August 2020 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I walked into subway with my niece. Our masked was placed on our face before exiting our vehicles and entering the establishment! When we entered there was a young man with no man mask on pants hanging off his butt. We proceed to the counter i asked the young man are you guys required to wear mask while at work he said yes. Then he went to the back. He never returned his name was Jalon. Then the manager she refused to give her name. She proceeds to take our order and then i ask again do you mind placing a mask on while you make our sandwiches! She says i don’t have to i said we’ll do you mind and she says but i don’t have to. I asked for a general manager number she says i don’t have it i said you don’t have a gm number she said no.. i then asked for a store number she says she don’t have one it’s outside i said so you run the shift but you don’t have a store number she says no i told you it’s outside..

So me and my niece exited the establishment shortly after wards the young man that was inside with no mask on talking to the young lady comes out and begans it speak rudely to me and my Niece in front of my children that were in the car!!! He threatend us and the young lady comes it the door and begans to curse me and my niece out!!

I have never been treated so rudely my children were afraid and all because i asked for the employees to place a
Mask on while making out sandwiches!

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Suggested solution:

They could have just simply put on mask while making our food which is a cdc requirement due to the pandemic!

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