Complaint: Employees conspire to do harm

on 01 September 2020 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Your employee ( while on the clock ) waited until I arrived ( as I am a regular) and texted her family ( who I have never seen in my life ) and had all four of them come to the store and threaten me as I bought a 4 subs. How do I know that she texted ? Two two males got out of the truck and ran aggressively into the store and approached me. One of them said that’s my wife back there and she just texted me that you are here ( as though it had been thought out and planned) , he proceeded to aggressively talk to me and said he knows were I live , insinuating harm will come to me .

Is this normal for Subway ? To contact their family while on the clock to administer their idea of vigilante justice? Justice for what? I didn’t do anything to anyone except buy your product every sunday for a number of years. Please see a copy of the police report I filed . I told the officer everything I told you but not all of it is on the report . When this was happening your other employees heard what he said. If this note goes ignored I may seek legal council.

We are still a nation of rules and laws and it is unacceptable an employee on the clock as a representative for subway would be permitted to text her family to come and threaten a paying customer who until this incident had no knowledge he was bothering anyone.

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