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on 03 August 2020 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

My visit to Subway yesterday @ 1329 West International Speedway was horrible, the employee Ashley clearly was having a bad day. She was defensive and went back and forth with me. When she asked what I wanted I told her, when she went to cut my bread is when the defensiveness first started I stated uhm wait is the knife your using been around or touched any mayonnaise, what are you talking about she said. I have an allergen to mayonnaise I said this knife is for cutting bread only she snapped, I proceeded to say just be sure because I’m allergic her body language was tense at this point. Proceeded forth with meat, cheese, I asked her heavy lettuce, some spinach it wasn’t enough lettuce I say a little more but @ this point she’s putting a lot of spinach on. I say to her oh that’s way too much only heavy lettuce I said you can take some of the spinach off well this is the normal amount and you don’t have to be rude. I wasn’t rude, but at this point it’s due a conversation I told the young lady I’m asking you how to fix my food which I’ve known to be the way, hence Subway is a watch you build the sandwich place so what’s the problem you could be more pleasant and just appease my wants. She wasn’t professional or courteous to me at all. I didn’t eat, I no longer wanted anything from the establishment. I told her I’d speak to a manager, asked her name she said Ashley all boastful turning her head with her hat on I guess showing her name tag as taunting almost. It was very aggravating to be so disrespectful to a customer on my break. I went to eat on my break and was treated poorly, before I decided not to eat when her and I went back and forth about condiments (spinach) I said to her that I was done and would take somethings on the side she proceeded to close and cut it with a knife again I had to state I’m allergic don’t use that knife I know is on the condiment side she griped I wiped it off, no I would like a clean knife she threw it down out her hand to go in back to get another and saison the way it’s people like you something or another but I was floored and that’s when I was done didn’t want anything anymore.

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Suspension and or termination it’s customer service.

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