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My complaint:

I am a diamond vip player. At my level players get to customize their level up bonus with their hosts. My last agreement with my host was that I would get my level up bonus after completing the next 3% which will be at 16%. There were also conversations about getting the bonus upon completing 5% which will be at 18% to which I never agreed but we both agreed on 16%. After reaching the mentioned 16% I asked my host to send me the bonus to which he replied at it’s at 18%. So I disagreed with him and showed our prior conversations at it should be at 16%. When I didn’t get any respond from my host, I sent multiple messages on telegram and he got upset and blocked me on telegram. So I lost the main way of contacting my host and I didn’t receive my level up bonus.

Suggested solution:

Unblock me from telegram and send me my level up bonus as agreed. complaint Host complaint Host
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