St Vincent De Paul complaint: Stop stealing from the homeless in poor people

Complaint from Jjsmith2024 reported on 14 December 2023 about St Vincent De Paul

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My complaint:

Hello. I would like to remain anonymous as if the workers there knew that I did this I would be 86ed or suffer severe consequences. I would like to say that I noticed that the new woman that they hired not too long ago Carrie is a thief and very rude to the homeless people every week when the donation truck comes in with donations for the homeless and poor I noticed that Carrie Crystal and the security guard Carlton take almost all the good donations. Carrie calls in her family every donation day and loads boxes and boxes of donations in her trunk of car. Today December 14th 2023 as everyone is leaving instead of nicely telling him it was time to go she told everybody to kick rocks and get the f off the property. She’s extremely unprofessional and rude. I’m sure that the people that donate all these items would not like it if they found out that it mostly goes to the workers and their favorites instead of the poor and homeless people. This needs to be addressed ASAP. Thank you.

Suggested solution:

Regulate the donations so they made sure that they hit the homeless and poor and not the workers first. Also they should train new employees how to treat the poor homeless instead of being rude and crude an unprofessional and uncaring.

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