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we are s a couple sinior.enior citizen with disability and 8373 years old and your customer from grand opening,you know decreasing the customer is easier than increasing in competition so your supervisors and manager should be well educated to save your customer kicking out of the store in worth aditude in front of other customers and in this ages,my wife had a complain of security because of hard time to entering the store we had a good discussion with manager Mr austinin the back of the store and we were done but when we were in cashier line 213 to pay all of asudden an angry lady jumped in the middle with really bad aditude
that ,she had a very bad record in her mind about us may be our accent or nationality or something else and started with this is your first and last time discussion with anybody in this store understand and she showed her hate by bodylanguage and both hands like you are sweeping and pushing animals to their estable by purpose without even let us talk one word don,t talked idon,t kare about your explanation we were so schock and upset we did not know how was she and it was not her business to put her nose in our business,later we found she was mis Mary the supervisor,who gave her authority to demolish the personality of two senior citizen with disability in front of other customers with really the worst manner? the normal way is call the customer to your office and give them advisos or notice that means she was not trained for this job at
all,she is extremely angry with no pation for this job we will appreciate if you just check your cameras as our evidence just look to the body language without any vice because at the end as usual the team work kicked and sweeper us from the store. please let us know what is your policy in this horrible case and what we should do?

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Justified complaint?

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it depend on your company, s policy and rule and regulation

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