Sotyktu complaint: inappropriate interaction between speedo dad and daughter

Complaint from justONEvoice reported on 27 March 2023 about Sotyktu

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My complaint:

The storyline of the dad in a speedo and his pre-teen daughter has been raising the alarm with moms in my circle as it seems very inappropriate. Dad shows off his body proudly to wife who nods her approval, and daughter accidently walks past the door and sees him, saying a disgusted, Dad!

Then dad takes a selfie with mom and daughter is lounging by the pool in the background. He turns and waves at her. He takes her a drink which is in not in a soda glass (looks like it could be alcohol) …..she then gets up and goes over to his lounge chair and sits down very close to him on the same reclining lounge chair(??!!!) All the while he is wearing too tight speedo trunks.

It reads like a pedophile grooming video and from what I can tell, many people are disgusted by this commercial! When young girls and mothers (who need to be protectors) see this commercial they might begin to view this behavior as appropriate, which it is not. Pre-teen or teenage daughters do not need to be validating their father’s bodies.

Suggested solution:

Remove that portion of their commercial entirely. At the very least, have dad in swimming trunk with more coverage, don\'t have him take his daughter a drink, and don\'t have her sit directly on the lounge chair with him. Also show mom more involved. Better yet, how about just have mom be the sole person appreciating the man\'s body which makes more sense.

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Mark Spencer
Mark Spencer (@guest_6643)
10 months ago

It is a shame that this is on television. I will tell my doctor that I will not accept any prescriptions from this company. It is nasty and should be removed

Kim Gullie
Kim Gullie (@guest_6670)
10 months ago

Everyone knows that sex sells. Less is more. The interaction with daughter is very inappropriate and sends a bad message to perverted minds. Especially in a our society where srx trafficking is on all time high. I wish I would see interaction like that between my daughter and husband. Why the Speedo. Just sick and inappropriate. Take it down!

Audra (@guest_6724)
9 months ago

I completely agree. This commercial has a pedophilic vibe. Absolutely disgusting. I feel so sorry for the child in this commercial.

Lisa (@guest_6738)
9 months ago

I agree, this commercial gives me molester vibes.

Ella Marie DeVito
Ella Marie DeVito (@guest_7795)
1 month ago

This is a disgusting commercial and yet you keep posting this disgrace.

Penny Terr
Penny Terr (@guest_7817)
27 days ago

I am no prude, but I cringe and feel like vomiting every time this commercial airs. I would NOT take this med no matter what! If the manufacturer believes this commercial is appropriate – I cannot trust their judgment on any thing- especially a medication. So gross! The connotations it conjures up is so offensive and disgusting, I am surprised it passed the censors. (Are any censors left??) The aghast reaction of this “dad’s” young “daughter” is EVERYONE reaction. YUCK and double YUCK!