Skylight ONE complaint: Stolen money from paycheck

on 31 August 2022 about Skylight ONE in category Payment Providers

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There is a problem with my card number one the card number is 4253-0703-885-5818 expiration date 0726 my name is Barbara a mast security code 914

Is very fishy what is going on with this card I had a job at Burger King when my I quit the job because I was sick then I went to get my paycheck from the manager she told me it was on the pay card that she gave me on the first day of work she said she gave me in love with my name on it which had a temporary card in it I came home and started to look around and then I realized that she wasn’t even there on my first day of work so then I text her and let her know she wasn’t there on my first day of work and then she did not give me any kind of a pay card that she was lying to me. I asked her to give me the district manager’s phone number of Burger King and she refused to give it to me so that I could get my paycheck. Her next text message to me was giving me the phone number of skylight one and that she told me that’s how I can get my money so I contacted you guys on Wednesday July 27th 2022.
I gave the young lady my social security number as I reported my card lost stolen or missing she told me that yes there was a deposit for $268 on July 21st 2022. I let her know I needed my money immediately she said that for a fee of $25 that I could receive my card within two business days. I let her know I didn’t have any money to give her she explained that it could be taken out of the card which does not make any sense to me at all since I did also let her know I had a separate bank account and I would like to just have the money immediately put into my bank account she said that your establishment could not do so which is completely very confusing to me and I would like whoever reads this email to explain everything that I am explaining to you all the questions I have about what is happening here every single one of them in detail including what I just asked you which would be the first question in this email. So I agreed to the $25 fee being taken out of the card to send it to me within two business days two business days later on July 29th the card was not in my house at my doorstep by FedEx. I called again on Friday I asked the woman on the phone that answered the phone for a tracking number she explained that she did not have a tracking number I was very upset at this point extremely upset I ended up hanging up the phone the next morning when you’re establishment opened again on Saturday morning July 30th I called again I spoke with a man this time I told him what had happened he said to me I apologize she must have been confused your package is not coming from FedEx it’s coming through UPS he said it would be here that day on Saturday it didn’t come I waited all day for it UPS came and left and they did not give me anything. On Monday August 1st I called again to let your establishment know that my package did not get here the woman on the phone said that it was on the way that FedEx was bringing it to me and she even gave me a tracking number. After using the card yesterday a few times I decided to check my balance and check my transaction history today to my surprise there were charges on the card 3 days before I got the card on July 27th it’s completely impossible for me to have charged anything to the card since I did not have it in my possession the charger for $59.35 on July 27th I want the money refunded to me immediately as soon as you receive this message if not I’m going to be suing people your establishment number one and number two calling the police on not just NetSpend but also on the manager from Burger King who I believe may have stolen my money from me, if you guys didn’t steal it. I also expect a refund for the $25 fee also while checking my balance the $25 had been taken out of the card on July 21st! Well that’s funny! Since I didn’t speak to you until July 27th. For the very first time. And that is when I agreed just paying $25 was July 27th I didn’t even talk to you guys on the 21st yet so it is impossible I want all of my money back or that’s it. I want all of my money back immediately

Suggested solution:

By putting the money on my card which is now $6 overdrawn when I didn't even spend the rest of my money someone stole my money before it even got to me I want my money now!

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