Shaws Supermarkets complaint: Terrible Customer Service

Complaint from C Wade reported on 20 February 2024 about Shaws Supermarkets

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My complaint:

Too many trips to this location to think that the latest example was atypical. Stopped by for just one item, but stopped by the 50%-off rack to see if anything caught my eye. Picked up one item and headed to the checkout counter. The young woman at the register didn’t look up but looked like she hated her job. She quickly scanned both items and I tapped my credit card. She then said, That’s $7.55 (still without looking up). I mentioned that she charged full price on the 50%-off item and she said in a monotone, You’ll have to go to the service counter. No apology, no explanation. At the service counter, two women were chatting and when I explained what happened, all they could agree upon was, This happens all the time when checkers are handling a lot of items. I noted that I only had 2 items, to which they both just shrugged and processed the refund.

Unfortunately, this store has consistently had bad customer service for more than 12 years. Between mismarked items at the wrong price, employees standing around, and the aforementioned generally lousy employee attitudes toward customers, I’m not sure how this store can maintain any sales growth.

You need a lot of training and a whole new management team for this store!

Suggested solution:

Change management and train the employees to be customer-centric, as well as at least appear to care that they customers and want their jobs!

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