Complaint: Scam on me by cashier, again.

on 26 June 2019 about Circle K in category Convenience Stores

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My complaint:

I cashed my check today and went across the street to Circle K like I usually do. I was buying cigarettes, three packs at first, and gave the cashier a one-hundred dollar bill. Then he handed me the change but he counted the change. When I got to another side of the street like five minutes later I finally took a look, counted my money and I’m missing eighty dollars though. I have gone over it in my head, I didn’t drop any money, no one else had a chance to steal any money from me except for the cashier at circle K. Last month the same cashier swore I was wrong about being shorted in change. Just like I had realized he intentionally gave me the wrong change and tried to convince me otherwise. Is there anything I can do about now, the next day?

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Suggested solution:

Be given the correct change to begin with and for the cashier to be fired ly. Maybe more, I don't know. Possibly criminal charges for the cashier taken the opportunity to steal money from me, taken advantage of me and having done it again just like he did the previous month. How em I suppose to protect myself?

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1 year ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Circle K

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