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on 29 May 2022 about Save A Lot in category Convenience Stores

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My complaint:

My name is David VanNorman filing a complaint against Keemia Temple for bullying harassment retaliation defamation of character and nepotism over a month I have spoken to our supervisors about this I have complained to Josh more than once about being mistreated in the workplace and nothing was done about it he allows Keemia to do and say what she wants I’m not sure if Keemia is the lead or manager Keemia holds both titles on the schedules she has Cut my days, Cut my time now I have been taken off the schedule to push me to quit I believe this is happening because Keemia hired her cousin (Kyla) and gave her my time Keemia is friends with the two brothers (Anthony) (D’antonio) who work there and they were given extra days and time taken from me. Keemia has told the staff I was retarded and slow and I’m going to get rid of me etc. Do you know how it feels to walk in the workplace and being talked about and laughed at and much more. Keemia started a group chat making me the main subject. The management team knows all about it. Yesterday I asked for a grievance form and was not given to me. I asked to leave early and Miguel allowed it. Because all of these caused me to have to go to the hospital anxiety attack and depression I I’m not sure who to give my doctors paper to or if I even have a job due to being taken off the schedule completely without a reason I do is my job. no one should ever have to be treated like this on a job I’ve asked for my termination papers and haven’t received them yet all I asked of them to dismissed properly since Keemia doesn’t want me to be a part of the team I just wanna be treated equally

Suggested solution:

Investigate, look at the timesheets and call some of the ex employees who have experienced all that I experience working for save a lot and speak with your staff individually and you will learn a lot but most of all do the right thing so no one else would have to go through what I have been through

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