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on 27 April 2021 about Save A Lot in category Convenience Stores

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My complaint:

I was standing by the bananas with my two year old son and mother. I hear giggles look over to see a cashier pointing at me to another cashier. The second one proceeds to turn around then when she sees I’m looking turns away.
I told them they were rude.
I came in with old slip on shoes, capris and a T-shirt. My hair was a mess. I’m 16 weeks pregnant, and tired taking care of a two year old on my own through the week bc my spouse works out of state.
On top of that working full time myself as a nursing tech. The last thing I wanted was to be judged and made fun of because my outfit or appearance wasn’t good enough for them.
What good employees do that? I will not be coming back to save a lot period unless the issue is resolved. The cameras may even be pulled but I am livid about this situation. Shame on them! I pray that No one makes them feel the way they made me feel today.
I also have anxietydepression so I struggle with my self confidence as it is. No wonder people want to kill themselves. It’s because of insignificant grown GIRLS like the ones you have working today!

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Suggested solution:

Fire them! I’m sure I’m not the first customer they made fun of. I’d assume it’s a daily thing. Judge a book by its cover when they have no idea the damage it does. Sometimes the grocery store is a mother’s only get away or relief and to go in there and be uncomfortable because of how I look is pathetic.

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