Riversweeps complaint: Money got took from me when I told the lady on messenger that my account nwas hacked

on 21 May 2022 about Riversweeps in category Gambling

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My complaint:

And when I told them who changed my password also changed my phone number changed to a number that’s not mine and that when I called they changed my password they said that they would not be able to change the phone number so I told them that I don’t see how they was able to make these changes to my account nbut not switch my number back to my real number so I’ve brought this up to her and she told me that it would not be a problem and I have spent thousands if not over 100,000.00 and when I won two times where I won 3400$ and that’s on the forth of July 2021 and when I hit move all my money from one side to the side where you can use the money to play and it almost right away went to the RE BOOTing and it counted down to 0: and when it did it logged me out and when I logged back on it stolen2689.00$ I hit up the lady that is a rep for the messager and Facebook and I was told that I spent the money and that it never happens and I told them my sister was with me as a witness and that yeah I was left 700 around that much and I figured well at least when the lady got back an opened for the morning I’d still have what came up missing cause of thec technical difficulties that had in the middle of the rebooting the money that was took that I wouldn’t have a problem getting that money back but as I found out that was not the case she told me that I spent all the money and that I had one and I tried to explain to her that no man that’s not the case that I won a lot more money than that that all that was left from my winnings like I know you can look on here and see how many times they’re like what game I want what on how many times I played it and this and that okay if you go to where I won like $3,400 okay it’s the 4th of July you know what I mean it’s it’s a set day it’s easy to find out you know what I mean so and it’s the middle of the night and you know what I mean and when I started sending messages you know what I mean so she basically like was pulling up the the money showing me that yeah I spent the $700 that was left after they took the money through the technical difficulties and she wasn’t even understanding that I was telling her that you know I’m talking about the 20 like the 24 or 2700 that is missing was still not pulled up and then she blocked my account and didn’t even try to help me and said that there is no way and then it happened aging and this time in February 2022 I won 1400 and I had my sister change my password because I was trying to make sure I didn’t spend the money be for I pulled it out and when she tried to sign in it said she had the wrong password and I’m positive I started to talk to the rep and she was in able to change my password when it was my account and it went back to the number that some one add the first time my account was hacked and I never got to switch it back to my number cause of who ever got in to my account and the way it looks is the $MrsLadyGamble seen that she could steal my money and the blocked me cause she knew she would be able to Robb me and I would never be able to get the 5000 I won when I finally neon and was hella happy I won for once to just get it robbed from me is crushing and not right

Suggested solution:

I would appreciate if you would be able to make it right cause I loss a lot of moneynwhen it was a glitch and when intryed to to let the lady at MissLadyGamble on cash app and the account that she blocked and then told me to try to erase my profile and start new it might fix it but I have all the messages

Money got took from me when I told the lady on messenger that my account nwas hacked
Money got took from me when I told the lady on messenger that my account nwas hacked
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