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Complaint from Deluxe2012 reported on 09 November 2023 about Reliant Energy

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My complaint:

I went to agency and they wanted to help me it is a katy Christian ministry with my electric bill past due to I lost my job because I don’t depend no one who can help me I’m a lonely person with no family and they wanted send pledge form to reliant ro pay. And I just spoke to agent they said I’m OK and account is active. I went to agency and lady was trying send again they said it s closed what is foing on?

They said it take 14 days to recover. Agency don’t want wait on this redicilous things. They have other people to help. It is unbelievable 14 days or more they don’t want monet it’s fine I’m not gonna stay with them . Very redicilous. No one no wjere does that. And agents lie on the phone that all ok.

U have to take action who the t hire. Normal people can’t find jobs but weird who lies there. Caught people in stores reliant omg sure no way I will be again with this company. Saying one charge sending millions dollars later

Suggested solution:

They should contact that agency themselves they fault they mistake or five me one month free they lost it . I\'m not going to humiliated fo over and over again over there

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