ReadyRefresh complaint: Almost caused my house to catch fire !

Complaint from Adavis15 reported on 13 November 2023 about ReadyRefresh

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My complaint:

I had a delivery for a new bubbler because the one I had stopped making my water cold. The delivery driver showed up looking as though he hates his job and calls himself “installing” my new cooler. He literally takes it out the box and plugs it in ….thats it. He tells me to turn the switch on and let it run for a minute or two to make the water hot. So I did. He leaves and 3 mins later I start smelling something burning. I run over to the bubbler and it’s coming from there. I’m thinking I needed to add the water on top and maybe that’s why its smelling like that. As soon as I do that it starts smoking like crazy. I immediately unplug it and go into panic mode and start dragging the heavy bubbler outside struggling to do so. I get it outside and luckily its cold out and it started cooling down the fire that was about to start but still smoking so I poured half or the gallon I had on top of it all over the back and looked to see the delivery person DID NOT REMOVE THE FOAM OUT OF THE INSIDE TO PROPERLY INSTALL AND IT WAS BURNING!!!! I was so scared, traumatized, distraught…I called them and they had me on hold to talk to a supervisor for 30 mins!!!!! I hate this company I hate that they almost cost people their life’s and obviously dont care. Just buy your water in store or get a fridge that has water. Ready refresh almost made me and others loose everything including our lives.

Suggested solution:

I don’t want to be compensated for pain and suffering. I also deserve free water service for at least a year at minimum!

Almost caused my house to catch fire !
Almost caused my house to catch fire !
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