Complaint: A Product Seller With Zero Care or Respect For His Customers

on 14 October 2019 about RapidProfixPro in category Software

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My complaint:


This is my experience with Moshbari and his product RapidProfixPro (RPP)

RPP is basically a re-release of the 2016 WordPress plugin, Coursify but with some added features. The problem is that the features are almost criminally bad. If you are interested in a product that is exactly what MoshBari is promising, I can sell you WP Coursify for a dollar. I am a reseller and I can save you $28.

RPP: https:www.getrapidprofixpro.comlimited-time-discount
Coursify: https:wpcoursify.convertri.comcbsales?hopcbdirectto

I have been buying products from JVZoo and Warror Plus for years and I’ve spent over $100K on marketing products like RPP and the other products presented by MoshBari. In all that time, I have only written one other negative review. I have always been of the mindset that, when I purchase something based on the information provided, it is my responsibility to make it work. If I can’t, it is my loss and not the fault of the products’ creator. This mindset does not apply to this case for many reasons that I will get into here.

I have purchased products from this creator in the past and, while not always great, they have been acceptable. RPP is not! When I purchased the product, I was excited about it and looking forward to working with it. So much so, I purchase both upgrades even though there was a check box to affirm the fact that they would not refund the upgrades once purchased. This would usually be a deal breaker but since I had purchased from MoshBari in the past, I figured it was a safe buy. I couldn’t have been more wrong. There is so much wrong with this product that it is obvious that MoshBari knew it was going to be a refund problem before he even released it.

Within his own training videos he states, “I highly recommend that you add to the “courses” before you start selling them because 1000’s of his customers will be selling the same “courses” making it difficult to stand out.”

After seeing his “courses” I know the real reason he recommends this is because the “courses” are not really courses. They are more like definitions of the topic of a course. There is no actual teaching. Each course is a text document being fed through a Siri-like speech bot with all the warmth and inflection of a robot from 1990. There are absolutely no graphics, not even a course image or header, just videos reading the text being put on your video screen. They are so bad that I went to Google using a search term of the course topic and I found better, more complete information on the 1st page of the results. If it took more than 10 minutes for each training video to be created, I would worry about the competency of the person putting it together. Remember, this is a “one-click and your golden” offer.

Unfortunately for me, I purchased both upgrades and found that I had basically just thrown my money away by purchasing something I had already bought from MoshBari and a batch of “courses” that are nothing but an organized google search placed onto a text pad and fed into a robot.

What’s even worse is, the product doesn’t even work. Supposedly, all you must do is publish the courses from within the cloud-based control panel (WordPress Dashboard) and your “one-click courses” are published to your site. Out of the 10 courses that came with the “software” only one of them actually showed. When I went into my control panel (WP Dashboard) to view my published courses, I got a Bad Gateway message. Talk about bad….

For you to know just how bad this is, I want you to take a look at my affiliate marketing “course” as provided by MoshBari. I am giving it away to you free, but I still feel like I’m over-charging you.

There is absolutely no way on earth, MoshBari didn’t know he was selling junk. This is why he added the box to agree to no refunds. He knew he was stealing my money but he still wants to keep it.

In my book, this is the definition of FRAUD.

This is what compelled me to reach out to and I would appreciate your help.

Don’t buy this product and because of this product, lookout for MoshBari. He is obviously in the business of selling crap and running.

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I just want a refund of the 3 products I purchased from this guy.

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