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My complaint:

Im staying at the country inn and sweetsRadisson for 2 weeks, I went to use the pool at 11pm to 12am which is the (adult swim time), there were screaming kids there up to midnight, they have a sign stating the adult swim time in the pool area is 11pm to 12 am No one was at the front desk so I left a note on a napkin complaining and I walked to the elevator holding my laundry going to my room when the front desk guy walked up to me when I was in the elevator and asked if this was me holding up my napkin he seemed hostile, and I didn’t want to deal with him so I said no.

He then said I saw it was you, you left this note, why would he ask if it were me that left this note if he knew I left the note, seeing he was hostile I said yes it was me do your Job and inforce your pool rules, he was argumentative, and I said I don.t want to talk to you anymore go talk to the people in the pool who are breaking your rules.

He then stuck his arm in the elevator door as it was closing stopping me from going to my room – 3 TIMES he stuck his arm in the elevator and after the 3rd time I shouted STOP PUTTING YOUR ARM IN THE ELEVATOR! I WANT TO GO TO MY ROOM!!! He said Fine Ill talk to you later, and stomped away, Ahh No he wont talk to me later there is nothing I want to hear that he wants to say to me, I gave him my Complaint and he should of solved it, instead of arguing with me and stopping the elevator door 3 times and stopping me from going to my room, that’s not how you treat guests, Scott Gorecki room 215 He should of just talked to the pool people who were breaking the hotel rules and not chase me down for a note i left on a napkin’

Suggested solution:

talk to the people in the pool with the 3 screaming kids who were also jumping and diving in the pool right next to me during the adult swim time. and playing loud music from 11pm to 12am

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