Quick Quack Car Wash complaint: Treating employees unfairly

on 21 August 2022 about Quick Quack Car Wash in category Automotive

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My complaint:

Quick quack in Surprise, Az seemed to be working fine and was a fun environment. Until things changed a little bit and now they are working very poorly. The manager (Julia) is unfairly picking favorites and giving them plenty of hours a week while everyone else is getting roughly 10 and under hours. Mind you these people work the hardest while the others with multiple hours sit around and do nothing all day. Julia states that it is based on performance when really she just wants to be nice and give her new best friends (Kim and Priscilla) all the hours they want. To me, everyone should get a chance to have hours and not the same people all the time. You have to keep in mind that most people that work for this company have homes and bills to pay for. Working 4 or 6 hours a week will literally not help that at all. This issue needs to be fixed and addressed asap to ensure the fairness of employees and keep the business running smoothly.

Suggested solution:

Speak to the manager of this store

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