Quick Quack Car Wash complaint: Car wash damaged my vehicle

Complaint from TheWinePirate reported on 01 June 2023 about Quick Quack Car Wash

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My complaint:

On May 11, 2023 around 11:30 am I took my newly purchased 2008 Mercedes CL550 to the Quick Quack location in Elk Grove, CA on East Stockton Blvd.
Having exited the wash I pulled into the area to dry and vacuum my car, after getting a drying towel and working my way around the back of the car I first noticed that my rear bumper tow hitch cover was missing and when I got to the front of the car I saw that the front radiator grill was cracked/broken and the Mercedes emblem was completely missing. It was around this time that I also say a green liquid leaking rapidly from under my vehicle and thinking that it was somehow radiator coolant leaking out I stopped what I was doing, jumped in my car and drove straight to my mechanic. It was determined that the fluid was merely was fluid built up in the engine guard pan that took awhile to drain. I then went home and contacted Quick Quack and was told to go back to the location and file and Incident Report, which I did and spoke to the Manager who also took photos. Since then I have had to drive my car for nearly a month with damages to the front and rear of the vehicle and have sent several emails, had at least 2 phone calls with their Resolution Center and have yet to see any progress towards reimbursement or getting the damage repaired.

Suggested solution:

Repair the damages to my car and reimburse my membership fee

Quick Quack Car Wash complaint Car wash damaged my vehicle
Quick Quack Car Wash complaint Car wash damaged my vehicle
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