Quest Diagnostics complaint: Turning Specimen In

Complaint from Marcie reported on 12 February 2024 about Quest Diagnostics

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My complaint:

I’ve gone to this Quest location on numerous occasions without any issues although turning in a specimen leaves a lot to be desired. Today I arrived shortly before 6:30am to turn in a specimen. I was given 102, but quickly found out that 101 had been keyed in by mistake. A bit later, a gentleman arrived for a similar specimen issue. I had noted that he never keyed in any information into the system. He was asked if he had 102 to which I replied that I did. He was immediately taken care of even though he had no number. In the meantime, a lady arrived stating that her appointment was sometime around noon, and was let in after begging a worker to let her be taken care of earlier. Shortly after that, another lady came in with a specimen in her hand, and she was also let in. That’s when I stormed in and demanded to know what was going on. I was made to wait a while for a tech by the name of Yoandra to finish attending to another patient. Once finished, she took care of me, and told me that 102 did not appear in the system. She accepted my specimen and also told me that I had a 24-hour urine pending, something I was not informed of when I had blood drawn the Friday before. Without using foul language, it appears that this Quest location is starting to be run like a “Third World Country”. I know cause I’m from one of those countries. Had I not complained I’d still be waiting to turn my specimen in. I believe people should be allowed in as per policy, not when any particular worker decides to let people in out of turn, especially when they don’t present with any physical disabilities.

Suggested solution:

Make sure employees follow the rules and don’t allow anyone in out of turn unless a particular patient presents with physical disabilities or possibly another discomfort. Something also needs to be changed when it comes to turning a specimen in. Why should someone need to wait so long just to turn a specimen in?

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