complaint: Porirua Burger Fuel

on 27 October 2022 about in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I did an online order to the porirua burger fuel around 8:25 online it said it wasn’t going to be ready until 9:25 which is fine I thought it was going to be busy. I got to the store at 9:00 I thought I’d wait a bit longer the store was literally empty there were three girls “working” there, I sat in the car as I saw people walking into the store and walking back out within seconds only to find out the girls were telling customers that they are closed when I’ve always known the store to close at 10:00pm. Anyways no one was in the store so I thought I’d go in because the girls weren’t doing anything at all so I thought ok my order must be ready I walked in as soon as the worker saw me she told me the store is close I told her I did an online order and she told me I’m half an hour early pretty strange telling people they’re closed and not taking orders and they haven’t even started my order. Long story short pretty disappointed in the customer service and the food it self everything was pretty average I don’t expect the food to be hot but I didn’t expect it to be boarder line cold either.

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