PNC Bank complaint: Rude attitude and unprofessional behavior

on 16 October 2022 about PNC Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

Bank mang very rude and dismissive. 10422 aprrox. 3:30pm I entered hueytown branch of PNC. I spoke to the Bank Mang because the were no other Mangs around at the time.I informed him that i had a international money transfer i needed done. He informed me that after he finished the customer, he had Infront of him he had another lady ahead of me. another customer walked into bank as he was finishing and demanded to be waited on. He told the customer to have seat then he waited on the lady that was infront of me then he told the man to go to his office. I stopped him in asked did he forget about me he says this gentleman has an international money transfer he done right away. I informed him that i had one too. He dismissed me and rudely struck up a conversation with another lady customer that came in the bank after me. He waited on male customer then came out his office looked at me and told the other lady customer that came in after i did to come into his office. This mang was determined to show me that he was the boss and that my business or me as a customer did’nt mean anything to him. it made me want to close my account and to never do business with PNC again in my life!

Suggested solution:

I would like for my complaint to be noted into this Bank mang record. No customer should be treated in such a manner.

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