PNC Bank complaint: PNC Bank FRAUD/SCAM Victim

Complaint from czech2go reported on 22 July 2023 about PNC Bank

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My complaint:

PNC FRAUD/SCAM victim in the amount of $700,000. PNC Bank is accusing me of the FRAUD/SCAM. I reported the SCAM to the President/CEO, Bill Demchak Office recently and was still told I was responsible for the FRAUD/SCAM. I believe this was an internal job of folks in PNC Bank corporate headquarters and/or at the Charlotte, NC Promenade Bank. PNC Bank failed to detect irregular checking and savings account activity via Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML). Who approved the International Wires sent to Chinese Criminal Gangs and potential Terrorists? Who audited my PNC Bank accounts for Criminal activity? This is also Financial Elder Fraud Abuse since I am over 65 yrs. old. PNC Bank is a mess of a bank that is disorganized and has bad customer service. How did I become a Criminal when I had been a Model and Valued Customer at PNC Bank?

Suggested solution:

I need PNC Bank to tell me it was wrong with calling me a Criminal for the SCAM/FRAUD. I need PNC Bank to acknowledge that they were in the wrong for sending and approving International Wires to Chinese Criminal Gangs and potential Terrorists. Where did my money go? Did my money fund Chinese Terrorist Groups? This is National Security and involves Homeland Security. I also need PNC Bank to refund the money that was stolen from me plus interest. This has been a hardship for me since it was all of my checking/savings and the sale of a home. To tell you the truth I do not know how many folks have been affected of the SCAM/FRAUD who bank at PNC Bank. The perpetrators who stole my money also had the means to steal other folks money since I was an online PNC Bank customer. PNC Bank is a mess of a bank in my opinion.

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