PNC Bank complaint: PNC Bank FRAUD/SCAM Victim

Complaint from czech2go reported on 10 October 2023 about PNC Bank

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My complaint:

I recently contacted PNC Bank, President/CEO Bill Demchak Office concerning an online PNC Bank SCAM/FRAUD in the amount of $700,000. PNC Bank response was: 1.) I was responsible for the SCAM/FRAUD 2.) PNC Bank refused to apologize for the SCAM/FRAUD 3.) PNC Bank refused to acknowledge that someone at the bank knew intimately about my checking and savings accounts and stole my money 4.) PNC Bank refused to acknowledge that an Audit of irregular activity occurred 5.) PNC did not conduct Know Your Customer (KYC) of my accounts 6.) PNC approved the International Wires sent to Chinese Criminals and Gangs, possible Terrorism (This is a Federal Offense). 7.) PNC Bank closed both my checking and savings accounts due to Suspicious Activity.

This is also Financial Elder Abuse since I am over 65 yrs. old. (This is a Federal Offense). PNC Bank is denying that this is Elder Abuse. What really hurts is I was a Valued and Model Customer for almost 10 PNC Bank and now the bank is treating me like a Criminal. My Credit Score is ruined and I am a FRAUD victim by SSA, IRS, Medicare, Social Security and the Credit Reporting Agencies.
Financial institutions that suspect an older adult (65 and older) is the victim of financial fraud must make a report to local law enforcement. In addition, state law now offers extra protections to combat financial exploitation of adults with disabilities and adults 65 and older. Under the law, customers of financial institutions (i.e., banks) can submit a list of persons to be contacted if the institution suspects that the customer is a victim or target of financial exploitation. The institution is also required to report the suspected exploitation to local law enforcement. If the suspected victim is an adult with a disability, the financial institution is required to report to the contact list, local law enforcement, and the county Department of Social Services. 

Suggested solution:

This is a bank consisting of fraudulent activities with internal employees who steal customer data and money. i need PNC Bank to resolve the International Wires sent to fraudulent Chinese gangs and possible Chinese Terrorists. PNC Bank has ruined my life with the money stolen from my checking and savings accounts. My Credit Score has plummeted and I am currently working with the Dept. of Defense, Homeland Security and other federal agencies to resolve the theft of my PNC Bank Checking and Savings accounts. This is unacceptable!

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