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on 12 July 2019 about PJ Lobster House in category Restaurants

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My complaint:

I visited this restaurant last night 71019 for the first time. I decided to grab a quick bite while waiting for the train.

I believe this was the WORST dining experience I have EVER had in my 40 years of life. Hi
I have never experienced RACISM in full form prior to this.

1. The hostess was rude. She asked me how many and I answered 1. She asked me again as If it was hard to believe. She then proceeded to seat me at a four top in the middle of the dining room. I requested one of the three booths that were available.

2. My server was unfriendly young and not knowledgeable about the menu. It took here 10 minutes to great me and after I ordered a glass of wine she ran off without asking me if I was ready to order, wanted water, or offer me bread. She took seven minutes to come back with my wine. I ordered a shrimp platter for $15.99 without the fries. She never told me her name, and she neglected to tell me it was all you can eat shrimp night. I asked her how many shrimp came with an order. She didn’t know. I asked her what was the Cole slaw made of, she didn’t know. Each time I asked her about what I wanted she had to run to the kitchen to find out. It took about 7 minutes to order a simple fried shrimp platter with cole slaw.
While I waited 15 minutes for my food, I noticed all the tables around me had Bread and Water in which I did not. All I had was the glass of Chardonnay that I ordered. I became very upset and went to the hostess station to speak to the managerowner.

3. The owner came to the fish market desk and he was THE WORST human being I think I ever came in contact with. I began to explain to him what I was experiencing and THIS owner started to scold me and said if you would stop having an attitude I might be able to help you. I looked at him in shear disbelief and walked away.
Upon getting back I saw my food left on the table. You DO LEAVE a guests food on the table if there is no one at the table. That’s Server 101 basics.
I was so offput by this place I didn’t even eat my food. I finished the wine waited about 8 minutes for the server to come back and asked her for to go containers and the check. She brought the containers with no check. She brought the check finally in approximately 8 more minutes. Then I had to wait for her some more for change. My bill came to approximately $24.00. I wrapped my own food gave the server a $5.00 tip and couldn’t get out of there FAST Enough.

4. The following day I called and to speak to the owner hoping it was another owner. It was James. I explained who I was to him again. This man owner then begain to tell at me stating the following.
A. I lied about how long I stated that I was there. He stated he checked the footage. Wow.
B. Yelled saying you were rude to the hostess. You were rude to the waitress and you were rude to me. Wow. My mind was blown.
C.  The owner continued yelling telling me about footage of me drinking my wine. I then discontinued the call.

I am so disgusted by the way I was treated overall. I feel like they felt as If I was a piece a trash that should of been glad to be allowed to eat at there establishment.

I was made to feel like an Unwanted person by telling me They checked footage on the camera as if I left without paying.

This is truly sickening to have experience In which I was paying for a service and never received it. NEVER OUNCE did any one apologize to me about how I was made to feel.
I highly doubt they treat any other guest in with a problem in this manner
Why??? Was. I. Treated. In.this. manner?

I was also interested in hosting a friend’s engagement party here and trying out the food.

The fact of the matter Is this owner did not know me or who I could possibly be or who I may know in many places.

Absolutely NO friend, colleague, associate, Professional, clients of mine black, white, and any other ethnicity will ever patron this establishment in the future .

I will make sure I will post this on EVERY social media possible.

Oh by the, after my nausea from this experience dissapated I ate the food with my friend and It was good.

Very dissapointed!!!

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