Peacock complaint: Unauthorized charge to my account

on 04 November 2022 about Peacock in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

Peacock used my previously stored credit card to charge me $4.99 for an upgrade to their premium streaming package on 10212022. I went on their website that day to find a free stream for the Notre Dame football game that was not available on National TV. The website said I could sign up for free trial. Evidently I had signed up for the free trial back in August 2021 and input a credit card that they required. On 10212022 they charged my card without my authorization. I did not want to pay $4.99 to watch the game yet they charged my card without my acknowledgement that day, I never did watch the game either because I wasn’t going to pay their fee. I looked back at my emails on 10212022 and Peacock never sent me an email acknowledging that I now had this new premium service. I did not know of this service until I received my credit card bill and saw the unauthorized charge. I went on their customer service site and had a live chat with a rep who refused the refund. I asked the rep 3 times for a customer service phone number and they never provided one. They said they would escalate it to management and I would get an email. The email came within the hour refusing the refund again with no customer service phone number.
My email for their account is [email protected] . Thank you for any helpassistance you can provide in having my voice heard. It’s not about the $4.99. It’s the fact that I never authorized the charge and Peacock never sending me ation that I had signed up for this new service. It’s very unethical and my feeling is they purposely don’t email you ation because they know people would be cancelling this service immediately upon ation. They also purposely don’t provide a phone number because they don’t want their customer service phone blowing up with people cancelling service that was not authorized. Thank you for any help you may be able to provide!

Suggested solution:

Refund the unauthorized $4.99 charge. Remove my previously stored credit card form their system upon providing the refund. Remove from any free services they offer as well. I want nothing to do with this company now or in the future.

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