Pathlight Property Management complaint: We did the right thing now it’s their turn!!

Complaint from Yousuxass2023 reported on 13 January 2024 about Pathlight Property Management

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My complaint:

We paid on time for 14 months or longer and left house clean and they are now saying we aren’t getting out deposit back! They can’t say we left it dirty so they’re saying we stayed for longer then September when we didn’t! I sent them an email stating we were moving out! They are saying they didn’t get it, but I called them in October even and told them we need our deposit, why would I call if I was still living there?? It doesn’t make sense at all!!! But still they won’t call me back or give our deposit back! It’s a lot of money, 3500. We went thru setting a guy die in front of our house, they were constantly shooting next door, drugs being sold, druggies at the park across the street! My daughter almost got shot coming over a month before we left!! And still we paid 2400. A month never once late, they are so wrong by doing this to us!! I don’t understand why they would keep our money from us we were good tenants up until the very end and now they don’t even have the decency to be honest!!! I’m so so so upset and angry and hurt because we need that money and is not fair what they’re doing and how they are treating us!!

Suggested solution:

Give us our deposit back!!!! How dare they say we stayed longer then what we did!!! We paid on time every single month even though it was a drug infested neighborhood with shooting every other day!!!! They are so greedy and dishonest and mean how dare they treat us this way we did nothing wrong to deserve this

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