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My complaint:

14 Oct 2020 I booked to go to Wymess Bay Scotland on 12.4.2021
I paid an initial deposit and then monthly DD.
Total cost £939.00 Less (£182.00 DD for 1.3.2021) as holiday was cancelled by PD on 26.2.2021

I rang to enquire about switching to England and was advised that as the cost of the new holiday would be lower the price quoted was £359 then I would not receive a refund for the difference and I was advised to request a refund in full and then to book new holiday once I received the refund which would be within 28 days.

We are now at the 10th April 2021 , 42 days after cancellation and no refund has been received , I chased it approx 10 days ago and was advised that it would be within me within 5 workings day, it was not received.

I rang this morning spoke to Marianne who could not help and then a team leader called Chris who could not help , they both admit that the refund has not been sent but can not advise when it will be received.

I booked an alternative holiday with PD and paid for this separately for 12.4.2021 explained that I needed the refund urgently as we need our spending petrol money for going away ,all i asked for was definite date and they cannot give it.

They now claim they cannot find any record of my previous conversations with their representative

I asked if they can do an immediate refund they claimed they couldn’t, if they had to do a chaps transfer then I would have to pay the charge !

Fact remains 42 days later and i still not had my refund – i feel like I have been well and truly conned.

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Suggested solution:

issue an immediate refund

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