Complaint: A very disappointing 3nt family break

on 30 August 2021 about Parkdean Resorts in category Travel

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My complaint:

I have just arrived home with my family from a 3nt break in Carmarthen Bay Resort. And to say I’m disappointed is an understatement!

Firstly it was impossible to book any activities for my children to go swimming. 
Then on the Saturday I went to get a morning Costa the restaurant had a notice shut until 12 then when we went back an updated notice ‘ Shut until 1.30pm’.  Then when it was finally opened there was NO Costa drinks available, NO Draught drinks available, food was 1½hrs wait. That was Saturday afternoon!

Saturday 5.45pm we all got ready for a few hours of entertainment and some food and so I could play bingo (sales close 6.45pm) joined the queue for the Showbar at 5.45pm. And within a space of 15mins I would now say there are 60 behind us! With a lot of adults just wanting to play bingo. We were informed that due to Staff covid outbreak, they closed the restaurant area so everyone was in the showbar.

We were told we could not just play bingo because we needed to be seated. Bingo sales ended and started and we were still waiting in the queue outside to be seated if a table come along.  A table became available and we were seated at 7.15pm.  We went to order food and all but 3 items were available to order NOTHING else available but sides, salad and fish! We were also told they were not honouring any drinks offers that were available on the App.

Left at 8.30pm due to a complete Joke!!

My children then went swimming Sunday at 5pm the only session I could get them in and surprise surprise the slides not working!!

I have never been more disappointed in Parkdean Resorts and I understand Covid but it was just a total mess and joke!

Not only that I have a disabled son who also has autism, and for anyone not familiar with a child who is autistic a 3nt break is extremely hard work and a lot of planning needs to go into to it so I can prepare my son for everything. He was so upset and this resulted in many autistic Fits!!

I’m sure I won’t be the only one complaining about August Bank Holiday breaks as there were many upset families and a lot of money spent of 3nts and for virtually NO service.  To be honest we probably would of had a better time book into a 5 star hotel that would of had facilities and no doubt cheaper!!

Very disappointed family

The Selwoods.

P.S. Dont need proof the staff that were around were very vocal !

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Partial refund or Holiday voucher.

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