Complaint: Poor service, ingredients

on 21 October 2020 about Panera Bread in category Restaurants

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My complaint:

Terrible visit…again

I have tried to support this location too many times to ever go back again. Too many times order online or thru drive thru only to be told We are out of that item again and again! Could have told me that before I drove over and sat in the stupid drive thru line. Seriously, there is no excuse…but of course they will provide one.

In a similar vein, but more likely due to corporate inequity… The advertised Soufflé s are all made with a pastry based bowl. That means you have maybe two small bites of egg product, the rest of the meal is actually a croissant. Wait, a croissant!? There is no croissant in a soufflé! And if you are paying close attention to, say allergies, gluten and so forth you won’t find the croissant in the ingredients listed on their menu. This could be devastating for many!

So, the last visit capped all my previous off. Got the wrong stuff in my order, told they were out of an item after going thru the drive up, and found the croissant was a part of the so called soufflé. I called from the parking lot, asked to speak with a manager. She came on, I explained the frustration very calmly. She clearly was either not the manager or was not trained properly. She basically said yeah we run out of stuff sometimes, and she wasn’t sure what ingredients were supposed to be in the soufflé. She put me on hold and asked her manager(?). In the end, nobody was sure what went into a soufflé or how it is supposed to be made, only how they are instructed to do it. She never offered a refund and never even apologized for this terrible experience.

I’m done.

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Suggested solution:

Refund my money, change menu ingredients or list them properly and fix staff, product availability.

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