Panera Bread complaint: POOR SERVICE

Complaint from CAPRICIA reported on 02 March 2024 about Panera Bread

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My complaint:

ON 28 FEB 2024 I work on 2240 Rock Merritt Ave, Fort Liberty, NC 28307. Approximately at 11:57 I pulled into the drive thru and waited. There were at least 6 cars ahead of me. At 12:35 when I made it to the drive thru, I questioned the employee thru the order menu is there anyway they can pull the waiting customers ahead so that others can get out of line. Once you are in the drive thru there is no way for you to get out of the line. I sat there until 1:21 without ordering or nothing they stated that they were in a lunch rush. This was so unacceptable I wasn’t even able to get any lunch before my lunch hours were over which was at 13:00 I was supposed to be back at work. While sitting in the line I called the customer care line for Panera and was told that because it was privately owned, they could only send up a message. Not only was I late going back to work by 30 minutes I had to charge an hour of my PTO time to cover me while I was waiting in the line and couldn’t get out. There should be and alternate route to get out and more workers if they can’t do lunch rush hours. Not to mention this is an Army Base when normally all workers and soldiers go to lunch from 11:30-13:00, but it pointless if you must wait in line the whole time and still do not get any service. I will tell everyone here on post not to go there until I get me an apology because that was a horrible experience to endure especially if you are hungry an can’t eat. The same way Arby’s went out of business and was replace they should be to if there not proficient enough to handle the work. it was 6 cars that left the line when they were able to becasuse we spent our entire lunch hour in this drive tru line.

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