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on 27 December 2020 about Panera Bread in category Restaurants

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My complaint:

Since the pandemic I have ordered take out every week or 10 days. A few months back I got home with my order and one of my soups was missing. They said they had realized that after I left with my order and made good on it the next visit.

Last week I got home and found that my half sandwich was not included.
When I called and told them I was coming back to get it the girl made me feel awful by saying she HAD put it in the bag. NO SHE DID NOT – I am a sr. citizen and would not do something like this. So today, I got take out again and ordered the chicken and avocado half sandwich to take out again. I checked what was in the bag before I left because I now do not trust them and it all seemed to be there BUT when I got home. . . my husband went to eat his half sandwich and there was bacon and avocado on it but NO CHICKEN! I was too drained to want to go back and complain again and have them look at me like I was making it up so he just ate the bacon and avocado sandwich without chicken (which is sad). So now in the future I will have to open up the sandwiches to check them before I take them home to be sure they are complete..

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Once when I was waiting for my order and started to check it before I left, another customer was also waiting for her order and realized what I was doing. She too checks her orders because she has had missing items, too. It's sad that I will now have to actually open the sandwiches up to see if the meat is on them!

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