Complaint: Needed help didn’t get it.

on 03 May 2020 about Ollies Bargain Outlet in category Interior shops

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On May 3,2020 I went to Ollie’s to get some Solar Lights And a few other items. As I was picking out my Solar Lights one of them was broken and I cut my finger on it. Bleeding down my hand and was trying to get help but no employees were in sight so I walked up to cashier told one cashier she pointed to the other cashier so went to her she pointed to me where there was some brown rolled paper towels I asked her if she could ripe some off for me as I was trying to hold my finger tight with my other hand to stop the bleeding she did hand me some and went on with her work didn’t offer any assistance what so ever. She did say she would get somebody to check it out but after picking up other things I needed I cashed out asked for trash can to throw my bloody paper towel away she pointed to one two registers away and I looked and the glass was still on the floor from the Solar Light that was broken. I came home and cleaned up my blood from the cut and put new bandage on it plus a butterfly stitch. Won’t be going to that store again. I Love shopping at Ollie’s but if you can’t find anybody to help in a time of need I will take my Bussiness else where sorry.

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Have employees do their job. That cashier should of called the manager up right away as I cut my finger on a already broke Item. It could of been a lot worse than what it was. You need to train you employees alittle better on emergency’s.

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