Complaint: Did not give me the close-out price of indoor-outdoor carpet

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My complaint:

The cashier was polite, but could not find the number andor price of the indoor-outdoor carpet, so she called a manager, who was incredibly rude. Not only would he not acknowledge me at all, but completely ignored me when I told him 3 times that I would show him the bin I got it in, advertising indoor-outdoor carpets 6×9 closeout, for $12.99, and that there were more like it in the bin, which he could see for himself if he would go back and look. Instead, he took about 15 min. examining the carpet and then a woman, another manager (I assume) came and tried to convince me that this carpet wasn’t an indoor-outdoor carpet and was more expensive. I showed her how it plainly said, INDOOR-OUTDOOR CARPET on the plastic that the carpet was incased in, but they would not concede at all. Instead, they charged me $29.99 (instead of the close-out price of 12.99), which I suspect was Ollie’s actual, retail price of that item to begin with! No apologies, no proof of why they were charging me more, and the process took at least 25 minutes.

Suggested solution:

I would ask for the close-out price of 12.99, rather than the suspected retail price of 29.99.

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