OG&E complaint: Tree trimming

Complaint from MommaKae reported on 18 July 2023 about OG&E

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My complaint:

OGE came out last week and told me that they would need to cut the trees down in my backyard. I told them to do whatever they needed to do. The next morning I came home to find 8 men sitting right next to my house in my flower garden. I asked them if someone would be by to pick up the trees and they said yes. A few hours later I noticed that the tree branches that were closest to the street were gone but all the branches close to the house are still there and then when I went into the backyard I saw that they had left the tree logs that they cut down. I probably have 200 plus pounds of tree stuff that they left. I called customer service and was told that I was responsible for the removal. I don’t think I should be because I didn’t do it and I recently had surgery so I’m unable to lift anything more than 2lbs. Please help me with what to do.

Suggested solution:

Come and pick up the rest of these trees

OG&E complaint Tree trimming
OG&E complaint Tree trimming
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