OG&E complaint: OGE has placed an electric pole in the middle of my main sewer line.

on 24 October 2022 about OG&E in category Energy Companies

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My complaint:

OGE notified on 100322 that plumber had determined the electric pole had been placed in the middle of the main sewer line. The property was previously vacant x 5 years so the misplaced pole was not discovered until new residents moved in. I was assured this would be taken care of swiftly – at the least within 10 days. It has not been taken care of! I was also told I would be getting a claim form to fill out and that OGE would reimburse me for the plumbing expense. I haven’t gotten that either. The plumber cannot proceed without the pole being either removed or stabilized by OGE while he reroutes the main sewer line. I have been advised to get an attorney to not only get this taken care of but to seek restitution for the inconvenience. NO SEWER. Please get this fixed!

Suggested solution:

Move the pole or make arrangements for someone from OGE to work with the plumber to stabilize the pole while he works on the sewer line. Get me the claim form so I can be reimbursed the expense of the plumber

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