NTA Life complaint: I have a short term disability policy with NTA LIFE

Complaint from VICTIM-FF reported on 02 August 2023 about NTA Life

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My complaint:

I have a Short-term Disability Policy with NTA LIFE that i pay a monthly premium for of $229 per month. I was injured while on-duty as an LA COUNTY FIREFIGHTER. Went to a well-renowned Orthopedic Doctor in LA called KERLAN JONE / CEDARS SINAI. I was diagnosed with a torn right shoulder rotators cuff and placed off of work (workmans comp / disability). My 1st day of Disability was 3/13/23. I have complied sent in ALL PAPERWORK that was ever requested. This included medical records from doctors i have seen approx 3 And 4 years ago and didnt even involve anything close to a shoulder injury.

This injury is my first shoulder injury and occurred on- duty. I have continued to make ALL of my monthly premium payments. My NTA POLICY is required to pay me 3,500 per month for each month im off on injured leave, for a maximum of 6 months only (hence- short term disability. As i am typing this its currently 8/1/23 (only 12 days away from being OFF ON INURED LEAVE for 5 MONTHS! And i have yet to receive one cent from NTA LIFE. NO MONEY. They keep sending me several correspondence letters that state that i am in a “delayed pending review.” Why??!!

Ive sent it EVERYTHING asked of me Kerlan and Jobe Institute is world renowned. The BEST in L.A. (their doctors came up with the famous “Tommy John” surgery and they treat ALL the local Professional teams (Dodgers, Lakers, Angels, Rams, etc. i usually work lots of overtime at work as a firefighter wnich is the EXACT reason i joined NTA to help offset the money i am now NOT RECEIVING from work. I am having extreme financial problems now and i am in collections with certain companies.

I was COMPLETELY counting on NTA LIFE to make good with my current “PENDING CLAIM” that is approaching 5 MONTHS OF BEING IN A “PENDING” STATUS. THATS $17,500!!

Suggested solution:

My claim should be in its final review by now and i should recieve whats owed to me. And im STILL MAKING MY NTA LIFE POLICY PREMIUM PAYMEMTS every monrh. FOR WHAT??!!

NTA Life complaint I have a short term disability policy with NTA LIFE
NTA Life complaint I have a short term disability policy with NTA LIFE
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