North Villa Inn Houston complaint: Nasty place, horrible staff

Complaint from beautifulkat24 reported on 06 November 2023 about North Villa Inn Houston

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My complaint:

This complaint is regarding poor management and horrible customer service from the staff at this hotel. The attitudes here are horrible including the manager’s attitude, and the surrounding area of the facility is very dirty. I’m leaving this facility soon but I still wanted to let you all know what’s going on. The manager came in my room yesterday and cut on the light in my room and left it on after threatening to call the police on me because of me being late on my rent.

I’ve only been here for a month, and I actually just paid rent again but am requesting a refund because of the horrible service from the staff and will be leaving. The office staff are all bad as well and they all need to be replaced ASAP. They’re also trying to cheat me out of my money because I paid for the month and they’re telling me that they only do 28 days in a month regarding monthly payments which I didn’t find out until talking to the office lady that was working yesterday.

I’m glad that I said something because I wouldn’t have known, and with the way that they’ve been treating me this definitely sounds like what’s going on and that I’m being taken advantage of. I’ve been to too many places with the same case of horrible service, and service like this is never tolerated and will never be tolerated. The police were also called to the hotel regarding the staff, unfortunately they didn’t really do anything to them and I may be calling them back. The manager also threatened to kick me out because of me calling the cops although I did the right thing doing so.

I hope you all will help me here, and hopefully this crude behavior from the staff here doesn’t continue although I’m leaving out of this place

Suggested solution:

Send a complaint letter to business, act on rating if business doesn\'t respond

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