Complaint: No food as ordered. Paid. Left with nothing and manager threw food in bin.

on 10 December 2018 about KFC in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Ordered large box meal. Asked for coffee. Then told have no large coffee cups. No solution offered. I had to choose another order as don’t want to pay for large and receive small drink, especially as was thirsty and had son asleep in car. When i paid I suggested they should offer two small coffees if they run out of larger coffee cups. Girl said oh. I asked to speak to manager, who could tell me, she never orders large hot drink cups and they are hardly any bigger. She then told me she told the girl taking orders to offer me two coffee cups. I said this was never relayed to me. Oh, she never heard me. I asked what had been achieved, she said she would now order large hot drink cups. I said that’s no good for me and asked if I could have my large coffee in two cups. No, she gleefully fully replied as you changed your order to small box meal. Ok I said I will change back to large box meal with large coffee as adveryised. She then shouted he’s changed his mind again, stormed off, took my food off me and threw it loudly into a bin! She had also said I was lieing whenni said every visit something is missing. She asked what
I answered coleslaw. Not In last four.montha she said as she did all ordering. I begged to differ and said her staff taking orders must have then.
I have paid 6.29. And I dared not them again. The manager walk d off to hurl my bin and say I’d changed my mind. She disappeared for 30seconfs. So I drive off out of pocket and sad.

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I want my money back asap and an apology for this outrageous service.
To disagree or not accept.small portik s whilst paying for.large leaves customer at risk.
I've had many issues if no stock and stayed away. Today.....i tried again as son asleep in car. What a waste of my time and effort.

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1 year ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about KFC

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