Complaint: Harassment intimidation being bullied

on 21 April 2019 about Newlon Housing Trust in category Real Estate / Housing

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My complaint:

Since this guy moved in flat 6 he throws furniture around goes up down the stairs really gives the door an almighty slam where bye the whole apartment shakes his racist his been to prison at least 3yrs for that sexual harassment he will stand outside my door calling my family niggers black bastards then go smash up his flat but throwing it at the joining wall my 8yr old is so scared godbless him it can go on for hrs its been at least 6yrs I’m of mixed Caribbean my boys the same, moving on flat 2 has been my worst nightmare ever his gypsy creek from time he saw me realised we had something in common his ex neighbour my friend, so they straight away begun the emotional mental torture because they knew that she most of told me about them as she did, I swear I thought she was over exaggerating at times but it couldn’t be further from the truth it got all the Turkish gypsies together tried to divide the hole block hed just do things night after night he would vandalize my balcony in the middle of the night until I had a breakdown I found out I had numerous serious illnesses including ms, prolapse disc degenerative disc disease over the years of on going mental torture my health took a turn for the worst I had a stroke my dr. Told me I had severe high blood pressure which in turn caused the stroke through extreme stress I never had any of that before these people moved in 13yrs I’ve been here I cannot take the torment any longer I feel like everything I do in my home I’m being watched I’ve been living in the front room then started hearing my next door flat 6 sawing just every time the trains went by I noticed it stopped I no where the kitchen is next door it’s off my kitchen however the illnesses have spread to all my bones n now my brain as I keep going into coma my son don’t live with me no more due to the effects of these neighbour’s the speed of the illnesses due to trauma and drama. It’s gone well

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Suggested solution:

Its past that I\'m looking at slander amongst others pain emotional distress .

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