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Dear Netflix,

I don’t know who’s idea it was to take bridesmaids off the UK Netflix but unfortunately it was a very poor decision on their behalf. I must say whoever put this person in a place of authority clearly didn’t do a background check or a properly conducted interview, of course i don’t want to get personal but i can’t help but question this person’s life choices if they are making such poor business decisions. Especially during this pandemic, with everyone being on lock down, bridesmaids is the only source of happiness many of us will have and you’ve now taken that away from us. I’m not sure if this is some power tripping sadist entertaining their own lifes with the worlds misery or if somebody is genuinely so stupid and uncultured enough to favor fantastic four over bridesmaids? sorry I got personal again, I do want to keep this complaint as objective as possible, so from a completely unbiased perspective i will compare the rotten tomatoes reviews of both of these films. Bridesmaids: an award winning film, scores 90% on the tomatometer and 76% on the audience score. Whereas fantastic four: the film you chose to stay on netflix over bridesmaids scores 9% on the tomatometer and 18% on the audience score. I have also just been informed that pretty little liars has been taken off, again I’m not sure who made that decision but it should be questioned. I shall end this here so you can now go and reflect upon the choices you have made.

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Suggested solution:

Add bridesmaids back onto netflix (uk), also some other gems you have taken away from us are: xmen, batman vs superman, how to be single and hunger games.
It would be very appreciated globally if these films would be added back on, and also Molly's game should be added to the uk netflix,
thank you

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11 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Netflix

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